Hillary Clinton Shrugs Off Fainting Supporter at Rally


When someone fainted at a Hillary Clinton rally in North Carolina Thursday, Clinton interrupted her stump speech for only 20 monotone seconds before carrying on.

"I want to thank Congressman David Price and his wife Lisa who are here, and all the elected officials, all of the state, country, and local officials," Clinton said.

"And I think somebody might’ve fainted," she said without changing her tone. "Did somebody faint?"

Clinton pointed into the crowd and showed concern for another fifteen seconds.

"Okay, if we could get some water, right there. Raise your hand where the person is. Everybody raise your hand and point right there," Clinton said.

She tried to empathize and said that the heat could get to people "sometimes."

"It is hot, I appreciate that sometimes it gets a little bit too much for folks. So let’s make sure we help that person," Clinton said before delving mechanically back into her speech.

"Um, I want to also thank some great friends, Caroline and Richard Sullivan, and Tom and Jill Hendrickson, and I particularly want to thank the Hillside High School choir, band, and dance ensemble!" she smiled and gave a thumbs-up to the crowd.

In contrast, when a man fainted at a Bernie Sanders rally in February, Sanders interrupted his speech, yelled "Oh my God!" and ran over to the supporter.

The difference in reactions between the two candidates points to Clinton's larger enthusiasm and dishonesty problem. She has struggled to garner support from younger voters and is consistently rated as a liar or untrustworthy in polls.

Clinton's mechanical reaction also bolsters her October confession that she is "not even a human being." However, on other occasions, Clinton has insisted that contrary to popular belief, she is a "real person."

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