Terrorism Spikes in West Bank

An ultra orthodox Jewish man holds a flag with the symbol of the Jerusalem monicipality, at the scene of the digger attack. One man was killed and six other were wounded as a 19 year-old Palestinian man driving a digger, went on a rampage in the center of Jerusalem.

A man holds a flag with the symbol of the Jerusalem at the scene of an early August attack in the city / AP


Terrorism in the West Bank has spiked, according to statistics published by Israel's Shin Bet, a development that the Tower dubbed as "troubling."

At least 424 terror attacks originated from the West Bank in the same time that Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip were launching their latest rocket assault on Israel, the Tower reported.

This amounts to nearly a "five-fold increase from the 89 attacks recorded in June," according to the Tower.

"The escalation was particularly noticeable in Jerusalem, which recorded 83 attacks in July, up from only 11 in June," the Tower reported.

The report continued:

Lost in the numbers were the 24 rockets fired from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula by Islamist terrorists sympathetic to Hamas.

The "sharp increase in attacks and riots" in the West Bank and Jerusalem also included 35 IEDs, 13 small arms shootings and 459 firebomb attacks.

In a West Bank terror attack this past weekend, an Israeli man who was injured when a rock thrown by Palestinians shattered the windshield of his car has taken a turn for the worse with doctors fearing that he may have suffered permanent brain damage.

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