Rogin: Obama Admin Has Lost Credibility Around The World


The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin joined MSNBC’s All In Monday to discuss the United States’ response to the crisis in Ukraine, saying that President Obama’s options are more limited because his administration has lost credibility around the world.

"When you take out all the breathy rhetoric, when you take out all the ad hominem attacks, [the criticisms] boil down to this: the Obama administration has lost credibility around the world," Rogin said.

"Their reactions to a host of revolutions especially during the Arab spring have been seen as ad hoc and very hard to understand," Rogin continued. "They have ruined relationships with allies with the lack of consultations.

Rogin noted that the seemingly directionless foreign policy under the Obama administration had created "a perception of a lack of leadership."

"And Obama, if you read his Bloomberg interview today, doesn't acknowledge that perception."