NBC: Current Policy Against ISIL ‘Isn’t Working’


NBC's chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reported Friday night that the current U.S. strategy to fight terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) with air strikes in Iraq is not proving effective.

Engel told MSNBC's Chris Matthew that U.S. military officials are "dropping hints" that the U.S. mission against ISIL may be "expanding significantly", and could include taking action against ISIL in Syria.

"It won't just be about air strikes against ISIS in Iraq but across the border into Syria as well," Engel said. "It seems quite possible, maybe even likely, that those could be happening, according to officials we've been speaking to."

"The reason is, the current policy isn't working," Engel continued. "ISIS operates on both sides of the border. It is in Syria, it's in Iraq.

"If the military is just attacking it in Iraq, clearly that is leaving a very large part of the organization untouched."