Morell: ‘We Have Done Very, Very Little’ to Degrade ISIS


Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell said Tuesday that the Obama administration has not done enough to eradicate ISIS since the November Paris attacks and said that Tuesday's Brussels attack, if ISIS-led, will be a "big win" for the terror group.

"After Paris, we’ve done very, very little to degrade [the ISIS] network," Morell, a CBS contributor, said. He described the ISIS presence in Europe as "large" and "sophisticated" and said that it featured "bombmakers" and "forgers."

Morell said that it would be difficult, but still possible, for ISIS to build a similar network in America.

"I think it’s more difficult … to put together such a sophisticated network [in America]. Just more difficult, but not impossible," Morell said. "I think we have to assume that ISIS is in the process of trying to build that network here, or maybe has already built it. So, I think we have to act on that and believe that it's a real possibility."

Morell said that although the Obama administration has intensified its fight against ISIS, it has not done enough.

"We picked up the intensity of the fight in Iraq and Syria after Paris," Morell said. "We're still not degrading ISIS enough to degrade their ability to attack us in the West."

He said that if Tuesday’s attack turns out to be ISIS-led, it will be a victory for the terror group.

"What happened today in Brussels—if it does indeed turn out to be ISIS—… this is a big victory to them," Morell said.

Later in the morning, ISIS did take responsibility for the attack.

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