KT McFarland: Time for Special Prosecutor to Handle Benghazi


National security analyst and former Reagan administration official KT McFarland appeared on Fox News Wednesday to discuss a new intelligence report that concluded the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was preventable.

McFarland called the report a "bombshell" and said it shows that the Benghazi issue is "no longer a phony scandal."

"There is demonstrable evidence the President knew there was a planned attack by an al Qaeda affiliate. There is a lot more information we are getting out and it is time for a special prosecutor," McFarland said. "

"The only way the American people will get to the bottom of this," McFarland continued, "is if there is a special prosecutor who has the ability to subpoena witnesses, and grant whistleblower protection to them…otherwise the cover-up will continue."

Fox News host Jon Scott pointed out one of the notable findings of the intelligence report was that the Senate Intelligence Committee provided "ample strategic warning" that the security situation in Benghazi was deteriorating and U.S. personnel and facilities there were at risk.

"That is the smoking gun, Jon," McFarland said. "Intelligence was provided, so the question becomes why did the State Department not act on that intelligence? Why did they look the other way?"

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