MSNBC Host Calls Cover Oregon Failure ‘Biggest Obamacare Train Wreck In The Entire Country’


MSNBC's Chris Hayes called the now defunct Cover Oregon website the "biggest Obamacare train wreck in the entire country" Friday on MSNBC.

"Today the state gave up and called for help on what has to be the biggest Obamacare train wreck in the entire country," he said. "Oregon became the first state to dump its own troubled online health exchange and use the federal marketplace instead. Oregon spent $248 million of $305 million in federal grant, including $3 million on this cool ad campaign."

Oregon Democrats like Gov. John Kitzhaber and other state bureaucrats are now left holding the keys following the botched rollout. House Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif) called for Oregon to refund the $305 million they received from the federal grant.

Republican Senate candidate and pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby has made Obamacare a centerpiece of her campaign and called for in investigation into the Cover Oregon debacle: