Letter to the Editor: Democrats Believe Women Should Have Limited Freedom

Women have right to an abortion but not to choose doctor


Rachel Glyn wrote to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday expressing dismay at the number of freedoms Democrats wish to limit for women. She notes that Democrats believe that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion but no constitutional right to choosing her doctor or health insurance plan.

As published by the Wall Street Journal:

I'm responding to the Nov. 14 letters on "the Alleged ‘War on Women.'" Here are choices that Democrats do not believe a woman should have: The freedom to choose a charter or private school for her child when the public schools fail, the freedom to choose her insurance plan and doctor, the freedom to keep her own home when the local authorities decide to use eminent domain to give it away to their developer friends, the freedom to hire the most useful employees for her business and the freedom to hire more than 49 employees without paying a penalty if she doesn't provide them with health insurance that she cannot afford.

Strange how a woman and her doctor have an unbridled constitutional right to choose an abortion at any time but the woman has no constitutional right to decide which doctor or which insurance plan suits her. And would the constitutional scholars please explain why her right to free contraceptives supersedes the right of everyone else not to have to pay for her recreational activities?

Rachel Glyn

Cherry Hill, N.J.

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