The Time Hillary Clinton Networked at a Funeral

Hillary Clinton catches a few winks at Vaclav Havel's funeral in 2011. (AP)

Vaclav Havel was a legendary statesman, writer, intellectual, activist, and all-around enemy of communism. The Czech leader's death in December 2011 was a huge loss for freedom advocates around the world.

More importantly, Havel's funeral presented an extraordinary networking opportunity for the global elite, as Hillary Clinton's "old friend" Sidney Blumenthal pointed out in an email a fews days prior to the ceremony.

In the email, Blumenthal recommended that the Clintons get together with some other funeral attendees whose names have been redacted for "privacy" reasons. Hillary told Blumenthal to ask one of the individuals to say "hello" (quotation marks in original) like a pair of elite WASP power couple might "run into each other" at a charity gala in Manhattan.

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Funeral networking is a time-honored tradition of the Washington, D.C., establishment.