News Graphic Reading ‘P.F. Chang 2018’ Makes It Into Pyeongchang Olympics Story

WLS-Ch.7, the ABC affiliate in Chicago / Twitter

WLS-Ch.7, the ABC affiliate in Chicago, has apologized for mixing up the South Korean county that is hosting the Winter Olympic Games and a Chinese-inspired chain restaurant.

In a broadcast Saturday, the local news station had a story about the Olympics that included a graphic with a knockoff Olympic logo that read "P.F. Chang 2018." P.F. Chang's is a restaurant, while Pyeongchang is the county in South Korea where winter Olympians are currently competing.

Station spokesman Jayme Nicholas apologized for the gaffe, telling the Chicago Tribune why the graphic existed in the first place.

It turns out that the graphic came from a "satirical piece" on Friday by sports anchor Mark Giangreco about made-up Olympic sports. Nicholas said that it was a mix-up that led to anchor Mark Rivera reading a story with the wrong graphic featured.