Congratulations Kate Upton

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Our invite to the nuptials seems to have been lost in the mail, but the Washington Free Beacon nonetheless offers its congratulations to Kate Upton for her marriage this weekend to Justin Verlander.

The surprise wedding, held at an Italian resort in Tuscany, came more than a year after news that Upton was engaged and days after Verlander won his first World Series with the Houston Astros.

Upton posted a picture from the ceremony on her Instagram, writing, "I feel so lucky that I got to marry my best friend!"

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"Thank you to our family and friends for making this weekend so fun and magical," Upton added.

Verlander posted the same picture on his account with the caption, "Happy wife happy life! What an amazing beginning to our journey together!"

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The Washington Free Beacon was initially shocked at the news Upton agreed to marry Verlander, branding the engagement "AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY." We have since gotten over it, and praised Upton for her decision to allow Verlander to play for the Astros following Hurricane Harvey.

It is unclear where the newlyweds will be spending their honeymoon.

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