Clintons Paid At Least $1.6M For Speeches To Drug Companies

• September 22, 2015 3:51 pm


Despite Hillary Clinton’s promise to take on prescription drug companies, she and Bill Clinton have pocketed millions of dollars from paid speeches to pharmaceutical trade associations over the years.

Hillary pocketed three six-figure checks for delivering speeches to drug companies in 2004 alone. During this year, she was paid $335,000 from the Biotechnology Industry Organization, $250,000 from the Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies Association Inc., and an additional $225,000 from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association for her remarks to the companies.

In addition, Bill Clinton was also paid large sums of money for speeches to the very companies Hillary is now attacking.

In 2012, Bill received $200,000 for his address to the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association and an additional $200,000 for a speech given to the Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers of America in 2011.

In total, they have received anywhere between $1.6 million and $2.6 million for their speeches to drug companies, according to America Rising.

"When it comes to the health of their bottom line, the Clintons love drug companies," said Jeff Bechdel, communications director for America Rising. "But when it comes to the health of Clinton’s campaign, she’s happy to criticize the industry. This is a family that has taken in at least $1.6 million in speaking fees for 14 separate speeches and whose hypocrisy knows no bounds."

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