Youth Vote

SHAME: Rock the Vote Propaganda Video Glamorizes Illicit Voting Practices

B-list celebs run afoul of California election code

It would be great if millennials stopped trying to subvert democracy. Wouldn't you agree? Rock the Vote has released a whacky new video featuring a bunch of celebs urging young people to vote in the midterms elections. More specifically, they’re urging young liberal to vote for Democrats, but they’re not allowed to come out and say it because Rock the Vote is technically nonpartisan. And who knows? Maybe gun control and deforestation will turn out to be decisive issues this cycle.

Where Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For?

Ezra Klein pens rallying cry for the Obama generation

VOX DOT DOM explainer-in-chief Ezra Klein is happy to report the millennial generation, which turned out in droves to elect Barack Obama in 2008, is “losing faith in the presidency.” That’s good news, he says, in the sense that it might inspire more of them to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterm election. According to recent poll, young voters’ trust in the institution of the presidency has dropped from 44 percent to 32 percent since 2010. Klein attributes this to Obama’s inability to live up the cult-inducing hype surrounding his historical presidential run in 2008. This is a positive development, Klein argues, because at some point Millennials have to realize that solving the world’s problems is going to require more than simply “picking the right charismatic leader, going to the most exciting rallies, and marking a ballot.” In other words, hope ≠ change.

Obama Disappoints Youth Vote Again

Young Dems who bused to DNC shut out of acceptance speech

CHARLOTTE — Young Democrats who travelled hundreds of miles on a packed bus to witness Barack Obama accept his reelection nomination have been turned away because of the campaign’s last-minute decision to change venues.