'No Cringe'? Dems Turn to Gen Z TV Writers To Turn Out Youth Vote for 81-Year-Old Biden

(cropped, Al Drago/Getty Images)
June 10, 2024

A super PAC aligned with President Joe Biden is working with young TV writers, directors, and producers to increase the octogenarian president's underwhelming youth support.

Won't PAC Down has "hired millennial and Gen Z writers, directors and producers"—including those who have worked on TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, and Big Mouth—to "help craft pro-Biden content that's specifically engineered to sell an octogenarian candidate to typically disillusioned and hard-to-reach voters under 30," Politico reported Sunday.

The PAC's goal is "no cringe" in its content, according to Politico reporter Elena Schneider. While the group, which plans to raise and spend up to $25 million, aims to avoid "splashy celebrity videos meant to go viral online," the TV writers have pitched "everything from 30- and 90-second influencer-style ads" to "highly produced, scripted ads," Politico reported. The ads will air next month and appear on social media and streaming services.

While the Biden campaign can't legally coordinate with the PAC, campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodriguez told Politico that the campaign supports the group.

The report comes as young voters have started abandoning Biden, who is 81 years old, ahead of the 2024 election. While Gen Z and millennial voters overwhelmingly backed Biden in 2020, Biden now barely leads former president Donald Trump among the group, an NPR/PBS/Marist College poll found last month. When Marist pollsters factored in third-party candidates, Biden loses young voters to Trump by 6 points. A New York Times/Siena College poll found similar results in December, with Trump also beating Biden by 6 points among young voters.

Democratic operatives fear that Gen Zers and millennials "will either look to other candidates or not vote at all, potentially costing Biden key support in battleground states," Politico noted.

That fear may be well grounded. Few of the Gen Z and millennial writers and producers involved in Won't PAC Down even knew about Biden's scheme to have taxpayers take on millions of dollars in student debt, Politico reported.