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Taylor Lorenz Holds Breath To Survive 'Dangerous' Encounter With Unmasked Passengers at JFK Airport in 2023

WaPo journalist did not fear for her life while posing with dozens of unmasked influencers at Cannes Film Festival

June 19, 2023
Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz

‘Is That True?’: Washington Post Reporter Questions TikTok’s Link to CCP 

Taylor Lorenz tells audience, 'I actually don’t know where TikTok is based'

April 7, 2023
Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz Lashes Out at Younger, More Successful Journalist in Cruel Anti-Semitic Tirade

Washington Post reporter has history of targeted harassment against Jews

December 15, 2022

Analysis: Soccer Rife With Toxic Masculinity Despite Being Such an Effeminate Sport

Being a soccer skeptic is more traumatic than being a woman online

December 3, 2022

As Inflation Soars and Crime Spikes, Biden Meets With TikTok 'Celebrities'

The DNC treats users of Chinese spyware app to all-expenses-paid DC trip, reports Washington Post TikTok correspondent

October 27, 2022

Happy Birthday, Taylor Lorenz!

The controversial influencer known for coverage of TikTok teens is 38 (or is it 44?)

October 21, 2022

Taylor Lorenz Slams WaPo Colleague, Peddles Anti-Vax Conspiracy, Admits to Multiple Crimes

Democracy dies in petty drama: WaPo journalists keep attacking each other on social media

October 5, 2022

Why Taylor Lorenz Is Embracing White Supremacist Harassment Tactics

Critics slam meme expert's racially charged attack on black journalist

September 13, 2022

FACT CHECK: It's 'Always Great To Hang Out' With 'Brilliant and Talented' Taylor Lorenz

Glenn Kessler's bold claims lack context, evidence, credibility

July 19, 2022

WaPo Wars: The Patriarchy Strikes Back

White men resurgent after Felicia Sonmez fiasco, women snubbed

July 11, 2022