Sex Offender

New Jersey Dem Under Fire for Lobbying Against Sex Offender Registry

Rep. Malinowski backpedals from work with Human Rights Watch in debate

New Jersey congressman Tom Malinowski (D.) long touted his former role as the top lobbyist for Human Rights Watch. Now he is distancing himself from the organization, as concerns mount over the group's opposition to the creation of a national sex offender registry.

Kamala Harris Ditched Tough Sex Offender Law

Then-AG Harris halted enforcement that barred sex offenders from living near parks, schools

Kamala Harris stopped enforcing a widely supported sex offender law during her tenure as California’s attorney general, allowing sex predators to live near children.

NJ Dem Lobbied Against Sex Offender Registry

Then-lobbyist Malinowski decried harsher sentences for sex offenses against children as 'unfair'

New Jersey Democratic congressman Tom Malinowski fought against the establishment of the national sex offender registry as the top lobbyist for Human Rights Watch, according to a review of congressional records and lobbying disclosures.