Sebastian Gorka

Report: Gorka Out at Trump White House


Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, offered his resignation on Friday, expressing dissatisfaction with the current direction of the Trump administration.

Nearly 40 Leaks of Classified Information Reported in 2016

Continued leak of materials risks national security, private information

Agencies across the federal government reported at least 37 leaks of classified information in 2016, more than double the number of criminal leaks reported in 2015, according to new information from the Department of Justice that highlights the government's consistent inability to crackdown on this illegal behavior.

Attacks on Top Trump Adviser Gorka a Product of Obama Admin Holdovers, Targeted Leaks

Support for Gorka not waning in Trump White House in light of media attacks

Obama administration holdovers and loyalists are waging a leak-driven media campaign against a senior counter-terrorism adviser hand-picked by President Donald Trump, with the aim of undermining the Trump administration's national security apparatus, according to multiple senior White House officials and sources close to the administration.