School Reopening

Chicago Teachers Union Says Reopening Schools Is Racist

Statement ignores evidence that school closures disproportionately harm black and Latino students

In a since-deleted tweet, the Chicago Teachers Union decried reopening schools as sexist, racist, and misogynistic—despite mounting evidence that school closures have exacerbated racial inequality.

Amid Coronavirus, Democratic Party Takes Aim at School Choice

Push to eliminate vouchers unsettles parents, especially low-income minorities

The Democratic Party's 2020 education platform includes the elimination of private school vouchers, which are popular with many parents—especially blacks and Latinos—amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Meet the Mom Challenging Newsom’s School Shutdowns

Mother of two autistic children leads lawsuit to reopen California schools

Small businesses are devastated and depression rates are rising, but for California resident Christine Ruiz—and countless other parents—the worst part of coronavirus lockdowns is the lack of schooling for her children. The transition to virtual learning has left the most vulnerable students without oversight and critical services. Democratic governor Gavin Newsom opted to keep it that way, issuing an executive order to forbid school reopenings in the fall despite outcry from parents.