Rick Snyder

Rusty Dominos

Michigan’s adoption of right-to-work legislation may spark chain reaction

Michigan’s adoption of right-to-work reforms could have a domino effect in the heavily unionized Rust Belt, according to political observers across the region.

Meet the Man who is Trying to Save Michigan

GOP governor Rick Snyder passed conservative reforms, signs right-to-work legislation in union stronghold

Michigan businessman Rick Snyder took right-to-work proposals off the table when seeking the Republican nomination for governor in 2009.

Right to Sue

Right-to-work legislation in Michigan sure to spark lawsuits

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will make Michigan one of the largest right-to-work states in the country on Tuesday but opponents are vowing to fight the legislation.

Michigan Legislature to Consider Right-to-Work

Michigan may become the second right-to-work state in the heavily unionized industrial Midwest.

Michigan Republican legislators will file legislation today that would allow workers to opt out of joining unions as a condition of employment.

Right to Work Spreading to Michigan

Lame duck session could yield right to work legislation in heavily unionized state

One of the nation’s most heavily unionized states may soon become one of the largest right-to-work states in the country, a development some union members could not be more thrilled about.