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MIT Faculty Member Goes on Anti-Semitic Tirade After House Ed Committee Requests Documents From School

‘I want to make it clear that Chairwoman Virginia Foxx … is a treasonous Zionist tool,‘ says Afif Aqrabawi

March 11, 2024

Democratic Club To Host Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist Max Blumenthal

Blumenthal in January speech called evidence of Hamas rape on Oct. 7 a 'psy-op'

March 5, 2024

Billboard Truck Puts Spotlight on LA Times Reporter Who Covered for Hamas

Adam Elmahrek spent days dismissing reports that Hamas beheaded babies, raped women

December 13, 2023

Meet the LA Times Reporter Who Doesn't Want You To Know Hamas Beheads Babies

Adam Elmahrek has declared Israel an 'apartheid state'

October 12, 2023

UN Women's Group Ignores Horrific Assault on Israeli Women, Celebrates 'Trans Lesbians' Instead

Calls for 'deescalation' after Israel strikes Hamas in retaliation for murder, rape, and torture of civilians

October 9, 2023

Biden Judicial Nom Let Penn State President Who Ignored Sandusky Rape Accusations Walk Free

An appeals court reversed Karoline Mehalchick's decision and criticized her legal argument

September 14, 2023