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Biden Admin Wants Teachers to 'Partner Directly With Parents'—But Only In Puerto Rico

Under Biden, FBI has investigated dozens of U.S. parents who criticized school boards

May 31, 2023

Congress Wants Receipts for Jennifer Granholm’s Spring Break Trip to Puerto Rico

Energy Secretary has been to island territory five times in four months

April 25, 2023

Granholm Gone Wild? Energy Sec Takes Fourth Trip to Puerto Rico in Five Months

'Unless Granholm is there installing the solar panels herself, there is no reason for her to be on the ground for that long,' expert says

March 29, 2023

ALERT: NY Democrats, Teachers' Union Boss Partied Maskless in Puerto Rico

Children are still required to wear masks in all New York public schools

November 9, 2021

Pitrunners Press Supreme Court To Strike Down Ban on Puerto Rican Cockfighting

Petitioners push Court to clarify limits on regulatory authority

July 19, 2021

Workers’ Health Care Restored After Union Bosses Back Down

Labor execs threatened to withhold benefits to pressure university employees

May 1, 2021

San Juan Mayor Refuses to Criticize Cuban and Venezuelan Regimes

Says Puerto Rico endures captivity 'on a daily basis as a colony of the United States'

July 9, 2019