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Pence Takes Two-by-Four to Trump's Populism

The former vice president says populism and progressivism are twin evils

September 6, 2023

Poor Logic

REVIEW: 'Poverty, by America' by Matthew Desmond

July 9, 2023

These Pacific Northwest Democrats Say They’re Moderates. Their Records Show Otherwise.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner and Kim Schrier have long supported progressive policies.

September 29, 2022
President Biden Delivers His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Progressive Pollster Finds That People Oppose Progressive Policies

Winning Jobs Narrative Project says Dems should 'realize progressive Twitter isn't real life'

August 9, 2022

Iowa Dem Promoted Radical Groups That Bail Out Violent Criminals, Work to Abolish Police

Christina Bohannan urged University of Iowa community to support Minnesota Freedom Fund

December 13, 2021

Biden Nom Saule Omarova Stole Hundreds of Dollars of Merchandise From a T.J. Maxx

The Lenin Scholar is slated for a confirmation hearing Thursday

November 17, 2021

Microsoft Encourages Employees To State Race, Gender During Presentations

Speakers 'acknowledge' company campus located on Native American land

November 8, 2021