Obama’s Outsourcer

Company of Obama export adviser encourages outsourcing jobs to Mexico

The company of a prominent Obama administration adviser is encouraging its employees and business partners to explore outsourcing to Mexico.

Outsourcing Attack Backfires

Democratic congresswoman heavily invested in companies that have profited from outsourcing

Rep. Kathy Hochul (D., N.Y.) recently attacked her election opponent for allegedly outsourcing American jobs, yet Hochul has personally profited from investments in companies, such as her own family’s, that outsource to, and do business with, China, India, and Russia.

Insourcing the Outsourcers’ Cash

Billionaire Obama, Democratic donor made fortune outsourcing

One of the largest donors to the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA is the founder and former CEO of a company that pioneered the practice of shipping work overseas.

Outsourcer in Chief

President Obama’s second-largest fundraiser has huge stake in outsource king Accenture

President Barack Obama’s second-largest fundraiser owns a large stake in America’s number one outsourcer.