Prominent A-Hole Wants to Impeach Trump

Former Governor John Kasich (R., Ohio), a legendary asshole even by modern political standards, said Friday that he has been pushed "across the Rubicon," and now thinks President Donald Trump should be impeached.

Ohio Rep. Wants to Use Fentanyl for State Executions

Rep. Wiggam believes use of fentanyl would be 'less violent' and 'more humane' than alternatives

As his state struggles to find the drugs required for lethal injection, an Ohio lawmaker wants to use fentanyl seized by the police to execute the state's death row inmates.

Ohio Union Faces Class Action Suit

Government workers forced to pay dues despite resigning

cash moneyAn Ohio woman is suing one of the state's most powerful unions for its continued collection of dues payments over her objections.

Sherrod Brown Takes His ‘Dignity of Work’ Message on the Road

'We fight for the dignity of work. It's who we are ... how we govern ... it's how we'll win again in 2020'

BRUNSWICK, Ohio—The moment had all the hallmarks of a presidential announcement: a friendly hometown crowd (despite below-freezing temperatures), an adoring spouse on hand to provide an introduction, a factory floor in the American heartland secured for backdrop, and a number of national journalists flown in to cover.