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Companies Linked to Putin's Pipeline Contributed to Schumer Campaign

Senate majority leader blocked sanctions on the Kremlin-backed project

January 24, 2022

Classified Briefing on Nord Stream Pipeline Renews GOP Concerns That Biden Is Caving to Russia

Sen. Hagerty slams Biden for ignoring sanctions meant to halt pipeline

September 29, 2021

Biden Administration Green Lights Putin’s Pipeline

Nord Stream 2 will boost the Russian president's influence in Europe

July 21, 2021

Republicans Rip Biden for Delaying Sanctions on Putin Regime

Sen. Risch and Rep. McCaul say Biden's inaction 'projects weakness'

June 16, 2021

Lobbyists for Putin’s Pipeline Dodge Foreign Agent Laws

The State Department labels Nord Stream 2 executives as 'foreign persons'

June 14, 2021