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Minneapolis Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour and Transgender Activist at Elementary School

Minneapolis Public Schools to hold 'gender resource fair' for parents and their 'gender creative young ones'

March 29, 2023

'You No Longer Have Access to Your Child': GOP State Rep Slams Minnesota's 'Trans Refuge' Bill

'What you expect us to believe … is that it is somehow "life-saving" and "affirming" to poison and mutilate,' Rep. Walter Hudson said

March 27, 2023

Cori Bush's Bodyguard Says He Can't Be Anti-Semitic Because He's a Jewish High Priest

Nathaniel Davis, who claims he's 109 trillion years old and that Jews control the world, has received $137,000 from Bush since 2020

March 9, 2023

FACT CHECK: Kamala Harris Peddles Dangerous Misinformation

VP implies she never supported controversial bail fund that put violent offenders back on the street. (She did.)

October 25, 2022

The 'Lifelong Republican' Featured In Latest Angie Craig Ad Actually Votes As a Democrat

Man also can’t vote for Angie Craig—because he doesn’t live in her district

October 12, 2022

Poll: Minnesota Voters Want Anti-Cop AG Keith Ellison Out

Blue state turns on progressive AG as crime spikes

September 20, 2022