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Republicans Probe Rob Malley's Ties to Tehran Influence Network

Lawmakers want to know if suspended Iran envoy was compromised by the Iran Experts Initiative

October 11, 2023

Biden State Department Blocks Congressional Investigation into Scandal-Plagued Iran Envoy

Rob Malley reportedly had security clearance revoked for mishandling classified information

July 12, 2023

House Committee to Vote on Tony Blinken Contempt Charges Next Week

Blinken would become first secretary of state to be held in contempt of Congress

May 17, 2023

Biden Administration Stonewalls Probe Into Hundreds of Millions in Potentially Wasted Foreign Aid

USAID may use taxpayer dollars to cover an 'awardee’s rent in Geneva or Rome or Paris,' lawmakers say

April 25, 2023

Republicans Seeking Info on Bungled Afghanistan Withdrawal Hit Blinken With Subpoena

Rep. McCaul wants classified doc believed to show officials knew Afghanistan government would collapse

March 29, 2023

GOP Wants to Know Why UPenn Saw Surge in Foreign Donations After it Opened Biden Think Tank

Foreign funding to UPenn tripled in the two years after the school teamed up with Biden

January 25, 2023