MIchael McCaul

Congress Targets Social Media Companies for Circulating Chinese Propaganda 

New investigation finds Twitter, Facebook, YouTube permitting communist misinformation

social mediaThe country’s largest social media companies are allowing the Chinese Communist Party to disseminate propaganda to American audiences with little oversight or warning, according to an ongoing congressional investigation into these companies’ failure to police suspect content.

McCaul: U.S. Pushing Back on Chinese IP Theft and Global Aggression

Former prosecutor recalls Beijing's 1996 election meddling

Michael McCaulThe United States is finally pushing back against the mounting threats from China, including intellectual property theft, global expansion through coercive economics, and the attempted takeover of the South China Sea, a senior Republican member of Congress says.

Homeland Security Chairman Calls Trump-Putin Summit ‘Demoralizing’

McCaul: 'Putin is not our friend … he is an enemy of the United States'

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaulHouse Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R., Texas) on Wednesday added his voice to the faction of Republican lawmakers who rallied to vindicate the U.S. intelligence community after President Donald Trump embraced Russian President Vladimir Putin over the counsel of his own spy agencies.

McCaul Urges Release of Classified Material that Made Up Basis of GOP Memo

Wants DOJ inspector general to investigate FBI surveillance application of ex-Trump aide

Rep. Michael McCaulHouse Homeland Security Committee chairman Michael McCaul (R., Texas) on Monday called for the publication of the classified documents that served as the basis of a Republican memo accusing federal law enforcement officials of abusing surveillance tools to spy on a former Trump aide.

Trump Signs Revised Travel Ban, Exempting Iraq in New Executive Order

Revised order draws support, ire from lawmakers along partisan lines

President Donald Trump signed a new executive order Monday that restricts immigration from six Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, dropping Iraq from January's original version of the order, and suspends the United States refugee program for 120 days.

Task Force Urges Trump to Develop Better Cyber Deterrent

New administration challenged to confront Russia, China in cyber space

Donald TrumpDonald Trump's administration needs to develop new policies to better deter and respond to nation-states engaging in hostile behavior in cyber space, according to a task force on cyber security at a U.S. foreign policy think tank.

Rep. McCaul: Lone Wolf Terror Greatest Threat Facing America

Sunday Show Roundup: Homeland Security chairman warns of self-radicalized individuals

On Sunday, Rep. Michael McCaul (R., Tex.), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said that the greatest threat facing the United States is from individuals who self radicalize and independently carry out attacks against the West.