Medicare for All

Health Care Overhaul Unpopular in Suburban Districts

MO Dem dodges on Medicare for All after urging elimination of private insurance

A Democratic congressional candidate has backpedaled from her support of Medicare for All since launching her campaign, reflecting the proposal's political toxicity in swing districts that could determine the House majority in 2020.

Warren Falls to Fourth Place in 2020 Money Race

Warren's haul dips 14% in Q4, trails behind Sanders, Buttigieg, Biden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) saw a significant dip in fundraising in the last quarter of 2019 with a $21.2 million haul, which also trailed her three strongest challengers for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Medicare For All: Progressive Campaign Killer

Column: Harris and Warren fell for the fool's gold of socialized medicine

Kamala HarrisPundits have a ready explanation when one of their favorites loses or ends a campaign: The voters just didn't get to know the candidate the way media do. He or she was too wonky, or eager to please, or insular, or revealing, or uncertain for the masses. The electoral process made it impossible for him or her to connect with voters. The classic example is Hillary Clinton, who has re-introduced herself to the public umpteen times over the decades. A friend who knows her once told me I would like Clinton if only I got to meet her informally. I had a good laugh at that one.

Warren Relies on Rationing in Medicare for All Plan

Cost-cutting measures would likely lead to long wait-times, limited care

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) Medicare for All plan has been widely criticized for what many consider its unrealistic approach to raising revenue, but one expert told the Washington Free Beacon the bigger problem is that the plan pushes health care rationing to keep costs low.