House Dems Pass Weed Banking Bill

Experts warn SAFE Banking Act could be a boon to drug traffickers

Marijuana companies will be able to do business with banks under a proposal passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, raising concerns from drug policy experts that drug traffickers will benefit.

Colorado Doctor Sounds Alarm on Marijuana Legalization

High hopes dashed

Colorado's experiment with marijuana legalization has been an epic disaster, according to one doctor seeing its effects on the front lines. Dr. Karen Randall, an emergency room physician certified in "cannabis science and medicine," said the legalization of marijuana has damaged, rather than helped her home state.

Illegal Drugs Are a $150-Billion-a-Year Business

New report offers insight into drug market

Americans spent on the order of $150 billion on cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine in 2016 alone, according to a report. Researchers at the non-partisan RAND corporation found that illegal narcotics generated as much business as the amusement and gambling industry in 2016 after conducting an exhaustive analysis of drug use and spending data.

CBD Might Be More Popular Than Weed

Survey shows how little-regulated drug has taken off in past year

More Americans use products infused with cannabidiol (CBD) than use marijuana or other illegal drugs, according to a Gallup poll. CBD, one of marijuana's active ingredients, has risen swiftly in prominence despite a lack of scientific understanding or careful regulation of the substance.

CORRECTION: Kamala Locked Up More People for Weed Than We Thought

Free Beacon regrets the error

Kamala HarrisThe Free Beacon's finding that Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) had locked up at least 1,560 people for marijuana-related offenses while she was California's attorney general was off, according to California's Department of Corrections, which now says at least 1,974 were admitted to prison under Harris.

Michigan Bill Would Expunge 235,000 Marijuana Charges

Only 6.5 percent of those eligible for record expungement seek it due to time and cost restrictions

When state representative Jeff Irwin introduced a bill that would automatically expunge about 235,000 misdemeanor records for marijuana use and possession without going through the costly court system, he said he wanted to save taxpayers money.