Kamala Harris Blames Weed Arrests for Mass Incarceration

1,974 people were put in prison for weed on Harris's watch

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris lamented the mass incarceration of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses Thursday, without acknowledging the thousands who were incarcerated in California under her watch.

Analysis Casts Doubt on Weed’s Ability to Fight Opioid Epidemic

Researchers dispute major marijuana lobby talking point

marijuanaMarijuana may not be an effective tool for those struggling with opioid addiction, according to a new analysis. While marijuana advocates have claimed that the drug can help fight the opioid epidemic, an analysis published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal finds the science behind this claim is equivocal at best.

House Dems Pass Weed Banking Bill

Experts warn SAFE Banking Act could be a boon to drug traffickers

Marijuana companies will be able to do business with banks under a proposal passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, raising concerns from drug policy experts that drug traffickers will benefit.