Iran, Russia Smuggling Weapons to Libyan Terror Factions

U.S., Libyan officials see evidence of illicit arms network fomenting chaos in Libya

Forces loyal to Libya's UN-recognized GNA parade a Russian-made Pantsir air defense system truckIran and Russia were caught shipping heavy weaponry into Libya, providing new evidence of an illicit arms smuggling operation that has equipped anti-government terror groups with, among other things, anti-tank missiles, according to American and Libyan officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

Senior Lawmakers Urge U.S. Engagement in Libya

Say political solution must create representative government

Libyans take part in a celebration with fireworks marking the sixth anniversary of the Libyan revolutionSenior lawmakers on Tuesday rejected President Donald Trump's declaration that the United States has "no role" in Libya, citing the threat of regional instability to U.S. national security interests.

Political Instability in Africa Could Lead to ISIS Resurgence

Report: Weakened ISIS still maintains 'sizable contingent' of fighters

Fighters of the Libyan forces affiliated to the Tripoli government rest and reload weapons during combats against Islamic State militantsThe Islamic State has faced significant defeats in Africa over the past year, but political instability across the northern and western regions could offer a ripe breeding ground for the terrorist group to resurge, according to a new report.