Joe Lieberman

Outgoing Senators Slam Obama

Kyl, Lieberman hit Obama for Iran, Syria failures

Two senior Senators criticized the Obama administration late Thursday for failing to present Iran with a credible U.S. military threat as Tehran inches toward building a nuclear weapon.

Putting Iran on Notice

Lawmakers talk Iranian threat at FPI discussions

Lawmakers said it is time for American to “confront Iran” and tell them to act in a more responsible manner during a discussion on foreign policy Tuesday.

Top 5 GOP Convention Appeals to Disaffected Democrats

From Artur Davis to Jeane Kirkpatrick—and beyond

In 2008, Artur Davis spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Four years of Obama and he endorsed the Republican nominee and was given a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. Here are five more Democrats who changed their minds.

Eight Dems Who Have Praised Paul Ryan

Including two presidents, three senators and the Democratic architect of the Bowles-Simpson plan

Democrats may be in full attack mode against Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, but a good number of them have praised the GOP budget leader in the past for his intellectual and moral leadership.

Questioning Obama’s
‘Secret Plans’

Administration continues to face criticism for Obama-Medvedev exchange on future U.S. missile defense concessions

House Speaker John Boehner joined a growing chorus of critics concerned over President Obama's secret promise of concessions to Russia on missile defense after the November elections. The administration came under fire from an independent, and a senior Pentagon official was sharply questioned at a House hearing.