Hugo Chavez

San Francisco Gets The Leader It Deserves

Meet District Attorney Chesa Boudin: Bill Ayers prodigy, Hugo Chávez aide, public urination advocate

The biography of San Francisco's newly elected district attorney reads like a shallow parody authored by a right-wing Andy Borowitz. Consider, for example, the following facts about Chesa Boudin, the 39-year-old attorney who narrowly won the race to become the city's top prosecutor:

The Marxists Three Hours From Miami

Venezuela in free fall

Construction worker Pedro Pirela and his neighbors heard a water truck that supplies nearby hotels coming down the road. They rushed to block the street, stopped the driver, and siphoned off the prized liquid. “Water is gold now,” Pirela told the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, saying he and his fellow plotters had no choice but to steal. In fact, Pirela admitted he had ambushed another water truck on a separate occasion. Venezuela’s nationwide water shortage has devastated the country to the point that citizens have had to mimic Pirela’s actions just to stave off dehydration.

Freedom Flagging in South America

Human rights advocates condemn Ecuadorian president’s assault on free speech

Human rights and press freedom advocates are sounding the alarm on an effort by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to undermine an international watchdog charged with ensuring freedom of the press.

Chavistas in Mourning

Feature: D.C. activists meet, recall life of dead strongman

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In retrospect, wearing a pro-Israel shirt probably wasn’t the best choice while trying to interview people at a Hugo Chavez commemoration.

After Death of Chavez, Iran-Venezuela Alliance in Doubt

Fate of Iran, Hezbollah in Chavez-free Venezuela uncertain, expert says

The death of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez could spark an intense internal battle between socialist leaders and terrorist Muslim forces such as Hezbollah, which long served as an ally to Chavez, according to foreign policy experts.