The Marxists Three Hours From Miami

Construction worker Pedro Pirela and his neighbors heard a water truck that supplies nearby hotels coming down the road. They rushed to block the street, stopped the driver, and siphoned off the prized liquid. “Water is gold now,” Pirela told the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, saying he and his fellow plotters had no choice but to steal. In fact, Pirela admitted he had ambushed another water truck on a separate occasion. Venezuela’s nationwide water shortage has devastated the country to the point that citizens have had to mimic Pirela’s actions just to stave off dehydration.

With Mourners Like These

Tributes to Venezuela’s socialist strongman Huge Chavez, dead of cancer at age 58, have poured in from rogue states, terrorism sponsors, and Democratic politicians, lauding him for his antagonism to the United States, Israel, and the West. Hollywood celebrities joined in the mourning, hailing him as a man of the people who devoted his rule to helping the poor.