Drug Deaths Dip in 2018, CDC Says

Analysis: Slight overall decline masks increases in fentanyl, cocaine, meth deaths

The number of drug overdose deaths fell slightly in 2018, preliminary data released Wednesday indicate, causing government officials to claim that they are "beginning to win the fight against this crisis."

GOP Lawmakers Ask HHS to Eliminate Abortion Charges

Letter asks HHS to finalize proposed rule on Obamacare exchanges

More than 120 members of Congress are asking the Department of Health and Human Services to finalize a new rule that would prevent Obamacare providers from hiding surcharges for elective abortions covered by government health plans. 

Health Aides Want Union Hands Off

Providers ask court to protect admin rule against dues skimming

Home health care providers are asking a federal judge in California to uphold a Trump administration regulation that would block unions from skimming money from Medicaid reimbursements.

On the Absurd Talking Point that Trump Is Sending Kids to a ‘Japanese Internment Camp’

The Health and Human Services Department announced yesterday that it plans to use Fort Sill in Oklahoma as a shelter for unaccompanied migrant minors, a¬†temporary measure prompted by a full-blown humanitarian crisis at the border. Most media outlets covered the news with the appropriate level of nuance, but a few, uh, didn’t. The real story, as they saw it, was “TRUMP ADMINISTRATION TO SEND MIGRANT CHILDREN TO FORMER JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMP!!!!”

Pro-Life Group Slams NIH for Support of Fetal Tissue Research

NIH official commits to continued use of fetal tissue in taxpayer-funded research

Susan B. Anthony List, one of the nation's largest pro-life organizations, slammed the National Institute of Health for getting ahead of the Trump administration on fetal tissue research.

Trump, Azar Advance Ambitious Health Agenda

President and HHS secretary target prescription drugs, Obamacare, Medicare for all

HHS Secretary Alex Azar and President Donald TrumpPresident Trump's visit to the Department of Health and Human Services Thursday is the latest move in his administration's fight to lower prescription drug costs, increase choice and flexibility within health plans offered under the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, and defeat progressive calls for Medicare for All.