Indian ‘Solar Village’ a Total Failure

A village in India that western environmental groups hoped would provide a model for green energy in the third world is now powered by coal-fired electricity after the total failure of its solar-powered “microgrid,” E&E News reports.

Regulators Weigh Controversial Solar Project Amid Environmentalist Opposition

California Energy Commission to vote on solar energy facility after tumultuous history and intense local pushback

California officials will decide on Wednesday whether to approve plans for a politically connected green energy company’s controversial solar project over the objections of environmental groups, Native American tribes, and the county that will be home to the project.

Hedge Fund-Financed Green Group Discloses $50M in Grants

Nat Simons’ Sea Change Foundation finances advocacy that benefits his venture capital firm

A foundation funded by opaque financial vehicles poured nearly $50 million into leading liberal and environmentalist groups in 2013 and 2014, according to newly released tax filings.

Watchdog Asks DOJ to Investigate Reid, McAuliffe Over Immigration Favoritism

Cause of Action: top Dem officeholders improperly obtaining U.S. visas for investors

A legal watchdog group on Thursday asked the Department of Justice to investigate allegations that two senior Democratic officeholders illegally pushed federal officials to reward investors in companies to which they had personal, financial, or political ties.

McAuliffe Avoids Energy Policy at Energy Policy Event

Critics say Democrat is running from his record

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, mostly avoided energy policy in a speech at a Thursday event on energy policy, signaling to his critics that he would rather not discuss his own record in that area.

Five Things You Need to Know About GreenTech Automotive

Terry McAuliffe’s company fails to live up to promises

When Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe got involved with electric car company GreenTech Automotive he thought he hit the jackpot. Here are five things you need to know about McAuliffe’s troubled company.