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Supreme Court Blocks Alabama Democrats' Gerrymandered Map

Court shows willingness to block civil rights challenges to new district lines nationwide

February 8, 2022

New York Democrats Sued for 'Brazen' Effort To Split Jewish Vote

Map would dilute Brooklyn Jews' voting power and create 'a partisan advantage' for Dems

February 8, 2022

Marc Elias Makes Millions Off Democratic Gerrymandering Efforts

Lawyer is involved in efforts to redraw congressional districts in New York, Maryland

February 3, 2022

Maryland Dems Slammed for Partisan Redistricting Effort

Commission proposed maps that could oust state's lone Republican

November 19, 2021

'Independent' Michigan Redistricting Commissioner Donated to Left-Wing Causes

Liberal partisans hold at least 40 percent of 'independent' slots on body that will redraw Michigan's political map

September 7, 2021

Eric Holder Refused To Join Nonpartisan Gerrymandering Reform Effort

Holder said he supports 'nonpartisan commissions to draw electoral lines so neither party benefits'

August 13, 2021