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From Powerful Unions to Everyday Voters, Biden's Gas-Powered Car Purge Prompts Backlash

Support for phasing out conventional vehicles down 7 points in two years

June 29, 2023

Joe Biden Wants to Turn Your Elementary Schooler Into a Climate Justice Activist

Admin aims to empower K-12 students to become 'climate justice action researchers and change agents'

June 19, 2023

Dems Demand 'MAGA Supreme Court' Reform Over Ruling Backed by All Liberal Justices

Even the Court's three liberal justices found that the EPA overstepped its authority

May 26, 2023

How Biden's New Environmental Rule Could Force Coal and Gas Plants To Shut Down Entirely

EPA's stringent emission standards mandate use of green tech that 'doesn't really exist,' experts say

May 11, 2023

Even Biden's Auto Union Allies Hate the Admin's Plan To Kill Gas-Powered Cars

United Auto Workers gave Biden's EPA the boot after deciding not to publicly support new environmental rule

April 12, 2023