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Understanding Our Multiculti Mess

REVIEW: ‘American Multiculturalism and the Anti-Discrimination Regime: The Challenge to Liberal Pluralism’

October 15, 2023

Public School District Tells Its Teachers 'Israeli Terrorism' Has Been 'Significantly Worse' Than Hamas

Massachusetts-based Revere Public Schools touts anti-Israel resources in email to staff

October 11, 2023

Education Consultancy, Coalition for Liberated Ethnic Students, Promotes Calls for Israel's Eradication

Ethnic studies consultancy contributes to course curriculums for public schools. It's blaming Israel for the Hamas terror attacks

October 11, 2023

How New Jersey Is Working To Turn Kindergartners Into Climate Activists

Blue state's new Climate Change Education office will push students to become 'climate literate leaders'

September 30, 2023

As California Charter Schools Excel, Los Angeles's Top Public District Makes It Harder To Attend Them

New district policy will bring difficult commutes for low-income charter school families, officials argue

September 28, 2023

China Infiltrates Public Schools Near American Military Bases, Experts Testify

CCP ‘pumping propaganda into our children’s heads’

September 19, 2023

Portland Teachers Threaten School Shutdown if Their District Declines To Provide Subsidized Housing

Local union pursues left-wing priorities in collective bargaining showdown

September 6, 2023

Randi Weingarten's Union Descends on DC To Instruct Teachers How To Push Radical Agenda on Students

Conference includes session for pre-school teachers on 'affirming LGBTQIA+ identities in and out of the classroom'

July 21, 2023