Montana Moms Fight For Religious Schools

Supreme Court will determine whether states can bar scholarship tax credits from applying to parochial schools

A group of Montana mothers will take their religious discrimination battle to the Supreme Court on Wednesday in a landmark case that could affect millions of schoolchildren.

NY School District Blocks Christian Club

Religious liberty group says district has 'repeatedly broken long-standing, clearly established federal law'

A  New York school district blocked a high school student from forming a Christian club on campus in violation of anti-discrimination laws, according to a religious freedom group.

American Education’s Great Stagnation

Despite higher spending, achievement has flatlined

American schoolchildren's educational attainment has stagnated in the 21st century, according to data from two recently updated assessments of reading, math, and science skills.

Warren to Parents: You Fix the Public Schools

'You don't like the building? You think it's old and decaying? Then get out there and push for a new one'

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) says the burden should be on parents to fix public education, urging parents who want options beyond failing schools to pay for improvements and services themselves.

Justice Dems Back Principal of Failing School

NY Dem Bowman called standardized testing 'modern day slavery,' 89 percent of students failed state tests

Justice Democrats-backed House candidate Jamaal Bowman has said "Congress should be a piece of cake" given his experience as a Bronx principal, but 9 out of 10 students in his school have flunked state tests, according to New York City Department of Education data.