Dick Durbin

Senate GOP Slams Dem Court-Packing Threat

Dems: 'perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be restructured'

Senate Republicans issued a sharp rebuke to several of their Democratic colleagues Thursday in a letter to the clerk of the Supreme Court, accusing them of threatening the independent judiciary.

Dem Leaders Side With Iran as Trump Admin Seeks to Counter Terror Regime

Leading Democrats claim Trump 'itching for a confrontation with Iran'

Sen. Dick DurbinDemocratic congressional leaders held a press conference on Tuesday in which they sided with Iran in an increasingly tense standoff that has pitted the hardline Islamic regime against the Trump administration as it seeks to thwart Tehran's regional terror operations. Sen. Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) and other top Democrats lashed out at the Trump administration over its efforts to isolate the Iranian regime, claiming in talking points that mirror those from Iranian leadership that President Donald Trump and his national security team are "itching for a confrontation with Iran."

No, Trump Is Not ‘Barreling Toward War’ With Iran

If anything, the president needs to be tougher on the Islamic Republic

This week, Democratic Sens. Tom Udall (N.M.) and Dick Durbin (Ill.) penned an opinion piece for the Washington Post in which they castigate President Trump's policy toward Iran. Their arguments are misguided and miss an important truth: Trump actually needs to be tougher on Iran, not softer.