Cyber Security

U.S. Indicts Hackers Working for Chinese Spy Agency

Chinese flagWASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors unsealed an indictment on Thursday that charges two Chinese nationals with computer hacking attacks on a broad range of U.S. government agencies and corporations, including the Navy and the space agency NASA, according to a court filing.

NRCC Hacked During 2018 Midterms, Emails Stolen

Party officials express concern culprit may be foreign agent

The National Republican Congressional Committee suffered a major hack earlier this year, according to three senior party officials, raising concerns the intrusion may have been orchestrated by a foreign agent.

U.S. Indicts 9 Chinese Cyber Spies

Hackers targeted U.S. turbofan jet engine tech for Chinese jetliner

Chinese flagThe Justice Department announced the indictment of nine people on Tuesday linked to a Chinese cyber intelligence operation targeting aerospace technology. The nine people, including intelligence officers, state-controlled hackers, and recruited agents inside companies were linked to computer intrusions at U.S. and European companies and the theft of turbofan jet engine technology used in commercial airliners.

China Targets Control Over Internet of Things for Spying, Business

Report warns Beijing working to dominate Internet

Chinese internetChina is aggressively seeking to dominate the Internet of Things and plans to use access to billions of networked electronic devices for intelligence-gathering, sabotage, and business purposes, according to a forthcoming congressional report.

Mapping Apps Are Endangering Special Operators

Military leaders have known of serious hacking risks for a year and a half, angering U.S. troops

KILSWITCHU.S. special operators and other troops have been using advanced war-fighting applications for hand-held devices that contain software weaknesses that render them vulnerable to hacking by hostile actors, a non-public U.S. Navy Inspector General investigation found earlier this year.