Colo. Senator Michael Bennet Remains Silent on Smollett While Others Backtrack

Colorado senator Michael Bennet has yet to address developments in the Jussie Smollett controversy, despite having been one of many politicians who quickly jumped on the original report in late January that the black and openly gay actor had been the victim of a racially and politically motivated attack.

Sen. Bennet, Worth Millions, Says Income Inequality Most Pressing Issue in America

Colorado senator Michael Bennet, estimated as having a net worth of $16 million, said on Sunday income inequality is the most pressing concern in the country, ranking above health care, voting rights, campaign finance reform, or the “green new deal” currently being proposed by the party’s far left flank in the House of Representatives.

Initial OK Given for Investigation on Sergey Brin Dark-Money Contribution Allegation

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has given the initial go-ahead for an investigation into a campaign finance complaint alleging Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s charitable foundation made a dark money campaign finance donation supporting a ballot initiative that would have greatly restricted new oil and gas drilling in that state.