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NBC Anchor: Bloomberg Needs to Read the First Amendment

Sunday show round-up

This week on the Sunday news shows: NBC host Chuck Todd advised Michael Bloomberg to read the First Amendment, Julián Castro called on the DNC to change the order of primary states in 2024, and Democratic lawmakers are pressed about their past remarks condemning partisan impeachment trials.

Bloomberg Pooh-Poohs Concerns From Employees

'You just have to learn to live with some things'

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg dismissed concerns from his own employees about Bloomberg News's new editorial policy forbidding staff journalists from investigating him and other 2020 Democratic candidates.

Trump Campaign Denies Bloomberg News Press Credentials

The outlet imposed a policy banning investigations of 2020 Democrats

Donald TrumpThe Donald Trump campaign announced Monday that it would not be issuing press credentials to Bloomberg News after the outlet told reporters not to investigate any 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.