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Feds Want NRA Lawyer Kicked Off Bankruptcy Case 

DOJ: Attorney's brother-in-law poses conflict of interest

February 19, 2021

ECOtality Files for Bankruptcy

ECOtality was awarded $115 million in stimulus funds

September 17, 2013

Riding the Motor City Struggle Bus

From the Archives: Bankruptcy? Don't tell that to the people of Detroit

August 1, 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy Could Flood Obamacare Exchanges, Increasing Costs

Cities dumping their retirees onto exchanges could hurt insurance exchanges’ viability

July 29, 2013

Sunday Show Roundup

Detroit files for bankruptcy, as speculation grows over the possibility of a federal bailout

July 21, 2013

Bing: We Would 'Love' for Washington to Bail Us Out

'[For 50-60 years we have been] borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. And now, it's come to a day when you can no longer do that'

Here Comes the Hammer

Legendary Keynesian To Address Conference Of Mayors

January 10, 2013