Alaska Institutes Opt-In Unions

2018 Supreme Court decision declared mandatory union dues, fees unconstitutional

Public sector unions in Alaska will no longer be able to automatically collect dues from workers after Republican governor Mike Dunleavy instituted the nation's first statewide "opt-in" system of unionization.

Alaska AG Calls for Opt-In Govt. Unions

Republican Gov. Dunleavy pledges new policy 'in the coming days and weeks'

Alaska may soon become the first state to require government workers to annually opt-in to union membership after a landmark Supreme Court case ruled that public-sector unions can no longer coerce payments from non-members.

Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska

Tu-95s intruded into U.S. air defense zone

Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers were intercepted by American F-22 jets near Alaska on Saturday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command disclosed. The bombers were detected flying near the Aleutian Islands, said Michael Kucharek, a spokesman for the Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Obama Renames a Mountain while Russia Plays for Keeps in the Arctic

Russia has been busy in the Arctic in 2015. Its activities, according to a fascinating round-up by the New York Times' Steven Lee Myers, have included a massive military exercise featuring "45,000 troops, as well as dozens of ships and submarines, including those in its strategic nuclear arsenal, from the Northern Fleet," the permanent deployment of two new brigades of troops to the country's northern reaches, and increased air patrols. By contrast, the U.S. army is considering reducing the number of troops it keeps in Alaska. Earlier in August, Russia resubmitted a claim to a huge undersea expanse of the Arctic to the U.N. Russia fields 41 icebreakers, compared to two fielded by the United States, and is building 10 search-and-rescue stations with accompanying communications infrastructure along its northern coast. There is a lot of oil and gas under that ice, and Russia is playing for keeps. President Obama is traveling to the United States' Arctic frontier this week in Alaska. Here's what he will be doing: