MISSING: Self-Described 'Digital Assassin' Who Averaged 76 Tweets Per Day Goes Curiously Silent

February 16, 2021

Concerned citizens are beginning to sound the alarm about Rick Wilson, aka Twitter celeb @TheRickWilson, one of two remaining Lincoln Project founders who have yet to resign in some capacity.

Wilson, a self-described "digital assassin," has tweeted more than 333,300 times since joining the popular social networking website in January 2009, which works out to an average of about 76 tweets per day. For the sake of context, individuals who are mentally and emotionally stable typically tweet zero times per day on average.

In recent days, however, Wilson has all but disappeared from Twitter. He has not composed an original tweet since Abraham Lincoln's birthday on Feb. 12, when fellow Lincoln Project cofounder Steve Schmidt resigned from the board of the scandal-plagued super PAC. "Oh good Lord. lol," Wilson tweeted, without providing additional context.

Wilson's last known use of the Twitter website took place on Monday, when he retweeted a Lincoln Project statement announcing that the law firm Paul Hastings would conduct a "comprehensive review" of the organization's "operations and culture." As it turns out, several senior partners at the firm are Lincoln Project donors. LOL.

Wilson has not used his Twitter account to weigh in, for example, on a report published Tuesday that cites multiple sources, including the Lincoln Project's former executive director, who claim that senior members of the super PAC were aware of John Weaver's predatory behavior as early as March 2020. The report, authored by Amanda Becker of the 19th News, prompted former Lincoln Project adviser Kurt Bardella to tweet: "Just shut it down already."

Weaver, a fellow cofounder of the Lincoln Project, left the group in disgrace last month after admitting to having "inappropriate" sexual interactions with dozens of young men. Wilson and Schmidt have both vociferously denied having knowledge of Weaver's predatory behavior until reports of the allegations surfaced earlier this year. Wilson has even threatened to take legal action against critics who suggested otherwise.

At this point, Wilson might be more concerned about the legal action former Lincoln Project employees might soon take against the organization. The group's only female cofounder, Jennifer Horn, resigned in the wake of the Weaver scandal and has described a toxic culture that resulted in her being "yelled at, demeaned, and lied to" for daring to speak her mind. Horn's lawyer has already instructed the Lincoln Project to retain documents in anticipation of a lawsuit.

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