REVIEW: TV Pundit Home Studios

• April 7, 2020 4:59 am


Most television pundits are working from home due to the China-caused coronavirus pandemic, which means they've been giving viewers a rare glimpse into their places of residence. The Washington Free Beacon‘s commitment to holding the mainstream media accountable compels us to render a verdict on these makeshift home studios in the form of the following awards.

Most Symmetrical:

Kristen Welker, NBC News

Most Askew:

Courtney Kube, NBC News

Best Pillows:

Chris Cuomo, CNN

Weirdest Bedroom Props:

Brian Stelter, CNN

Most Flagrant Stack of Books That Wasn't There Before:

Brian Stelter, CNN

Most Midwestern:

Claire McCaskill, MSNBC

Most Likely to Be Filming in Upscale Women's Bathroom:

Sam Stein, Daily Beast

Most Ostentatious Display of a Fancy Vacuum:

Katy Tur, MSNBC

Most Desperate for the World to Know He Has an Emmy:

Robert Herjavec, CNBC


Dr. Natalie Azar, NBC News


David Faber, CNBC

Most Problematic Adherence to Stereotypes About Millennial Women and House Plants:

Jo Ling Kent, NBC News 

Rahel Solomon, CNBC 

Kate Rogers, CNBC

Best Wall Art:

Jonathan Lemire, Associated Press

Flashiest Display of Wealth Earned Through Collaboration With a Disgraced Sex Pest:

John Heilemann, MSNBC

Saddest Attempt by a Boomer to Seem Cool: 

Bob Pisani, CNBC 

Even Sadder:

Brian Sullivan, CNBC