Joe Biden's Appalling Abortion Hypocrisy

POTUS refuses to acknowledge Hunter's lovechild, but lacked the courage to pay for abortion

October 11, 2022

President Joe Biden isn't just a radical extremist when it comes to abortion. He's also a raging hypocrite.

The president had a chance to uphold the pro-abortion values he claims to espouse after his crack-addled son Hunter conceived a daughter in 2017. He could have done what most journalists and other Democrats would consider to be the "right thing" and offered to pay for an abortion. He declined. Navy Joan Roberts was born in August 2018.

Why it matters: Liberals love abortion more than they love children. New York Times columnist Ezra Klein says he is constantly asked if having children is morally acceptable, given that the kids will contribute to the so-called climate crisis.

• The Biden family has a considerable stockpile of ill-gotten foreign wealth. Reports suggest that neither Hunter nor Joe ever offered to pay for an abortion—what many Democrats would consider the most desirable outcome.

• Democratic activist Lena Dunham described feeling embarrassed after having to admit she had never had an abortion while visiting a Planned Parenthood in Texas. "Now I can say that I still haven't had an abortion, but I wish I had," Dunham said in 2016.

• "Being a mom is the hardest job I'll ever have. No one should be forced to be a parent. #AbortionIsHealthcare," wrote Liz Boldon, a Democratic state lawmaker in Minnesota. She deleted the Twitter post following a backlash from parents who love their children.

• Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger viewed abortion as more than just health care—it was a tool to cull the human race of undesirables. Sanger found common cause with eugenicists who wanted to "assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit," which would presumably include drug-addicted failures such as Hunter Biden.

The cruelty is the point: Biden's actions suggest he wishes his granddaughter was never born. He has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the child's existence.

• Earlier this year Biden declined to provide Secret Service protection after an unstable MMA fighter threatened to kill his granddaughter.

• Biden is perfectly happy to deny that the child exists but lacked the courage to live up to the Democratic Party's values by paying for an abortion that would have actually caused the child to not exist.

• One could argue that letting the child live, only to spend her whole life knowing that her famous grandfather refused to acknowledge her existence or take any steps to protect her from harm, was even crueler.

What they're saying: "The president frequently talks about his love and pride for his grandchildren," a friend of the child's mother told the Daily Mail. "The Secret Service would act at the drop of a dime if someone threatened any of the other Biden kids—but it's like Navy Joan doesn't matter."

The big picture: John Fetterman and other Democrats running for office this year have said there are no restrictions on abortion they would consider acceptable.

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