Women for Trump at Pa. Rally: 'Four More Years'

'All Aboard the Trump Train, Choo, Choo!'

July 16, 2019

Approximately 1,000 women donning Make America Great Again hats, patriotic apparel, and waving flags chanted "four more years" and "USA, USA" at the official launch of the Woman for Trump rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Lara Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law, said, "I'm a little confused. I didn't think women like Donald Trump." The crowd erupted into laughter. She then asked how the women thought the president is doing so far in office, and they cheered.

Some of those gathered traveled from nearby states, including New Jersey and Delaware, to show their support of President Trump.

"The left claims that women aren't for Trump," Nancy Clayton of Hamilton, N.J., told the Washington Free Beacon. "If you look around the room here, I would say the majority are college-educated and above."

Clayton said the economy, stock market, the desire for a stronger border, and Second Amendment rights are just some of the reasons she supports Trump. Like many others interviewed, she said the president has been "unfairly treated in the mainstream media."

"I'm here because it's a Woman for Trump event, it's the first time I'm at one of his rallies … and I'm a woman," said Joy DeLucia, of Highlands, N.J. She indicated she supports Trump because his policies are aligned with "everything I believe in. He follows the Constitution, my Second Amendment rights are very important, and he's a true American who supports the military."

DeLucia, whose daughter is a Marine, added that the president puts America First.

"I wanted to be here on the kickoff to support women and Donald Trump," said Diane Batcha of Harrisburg, Pa. "There's power when women come together."

According to Batcha, Trump has made positive progress for women since he took office. "I think he's been awesome for women," she said and added, "Melania has been an exceptional first lady and represents all women rather than the way she has been stereotyped."

Several attendees cited the strong economy, the rising stock market, and Trump's Supreme Court appointments as some of his accomplishments thus far. His stance on illegal immigration and abortion were also commended.

"He is trying to deliver on everything he has promised from day one," said Alex Anastasio, a committee member of the Republican Party in Harrisburg. She also pointed out that people who want to come to the United States should do so legally. "He is tying to keep our country safe and deliver on promises he made."

"I supported Trump back in 2016 and I believe the security of our nation is of utmost importance," said Jane Peronteau, a yoga instructor in Chester County, Pa. "The economy, job numbers are all on the rise, and he has strong women in his administration that I admire."

Philadelphia resident Deanna April Gibbs said, "With all of the negative rhetoric over the past two years—from the media, the Democrats, the liberals and Hollywood, I am coming out to show my support."

Aside from Lara Trump, commentators at the kickoff event included former Fox News contributor Kimberly Guilfoyle, Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, White House advisers Mercedes Schlapp and Katrina Pierson, and campaign manager Brad Parscale.

Conservative celebrities Diamond and Silk also were introduced and chanted, "All Aboard the Trump Train, Choo, Choo!"

Taking jabs at the Democrats who are running for president, McDaniel said, "Look at all of these beautiful intelligent women for Trump.… The Democrats only wish they could get a crowd like this."

McDaniel said the president "has delivered for women," adding that 600,000 women were now out of poverty "because of Trump and his policies." She also said he has doubled the child-care credit, strengthened the military, grew the economy, created jobs, and cared for the unborn.

"And yes, we do care about the unborn," said McDaniel, and the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

"Women support Donald Trump, right?" Lara Trump asked as the attendees all cheered yes. "If you've been impressed for the past two and a half years, think about what he's going to do in eight years."