White House: Trump Pushed Rosenstein Meeting to Next Week Because of Kavanaugh Hearing

President Donald Trump / YouTube
September 27, 2018

President Donald Trump pushed his scheduled meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to next week in order to not distract from Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the White House announced.

"The president spoke with Rod Rosenstein a few minutes ago and they plan to meet next week," Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters. "They do not want to do anything to interfere with the hearing."

The White House announced on Monday that Trump and Rosenstein would meet in person on Monday to discuss recent news stories, one of which reported Rosenstein invoked the 25th Amendment process to replace Trump last year and talked about wearing a wire to record him. Rosenstein said the story was false.

Conflicting reports emerged on Monday that Rosenstein had offered his resignation or expected to be fired, but he came out of a meeting with Chief of Staff John Kelly with his job intact.

Rosenstein oversees the Russia investigation being headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which has already garnered indictments and convictions of Trump campaign officials and advisers.

Christine Blasey Ford is testifying and Brett Kavanaugh is scheduled to testify later about Ford's allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party in the early 1980s. Kavanaugh has denied the charge.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in July to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump has stood behind Kavanaugh throughout multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him that came out after his confirmation hearings concluded. He called the Democratic efforts against him a "disgrace" and a "con job."