Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Visiting Abortion Clinics for Campaign Stops

Virginia governor candidate Ralph Northam / Getty
Ralph Northam / Getty
April 12, 2017

Virginia's Democratic lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam, has been visiting abortion clinics on the campaign trail for governor.

Northam stopped at an Alexandria clinic last week and spoke to a dozen supporters. Northam touted his work blocking anti-abortion legislation during his time in the Virginia State Senate, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Northam emphasized his consistency on his pro-abortion views.

"My opponent has gone around sticking his finger up and seeing which way the political wind is blowing, switching, flip-flopping on women’s issues, flip-flopping on gun issues," said Northam, whereas he has "never flip-flopped on those things."

Northam is endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America, a major pro-abortion PAC. According to the Washington Post, NARAL's leaders chose to endorse Northam due to his long-standing support for abortion, as well as primary opponent Tom Perriello's vote to block funding for abortion under Obamacare.

In a press release announcing their endorsement, NARAL touted Northam's support for expanded abortion services: "Ralph Northam has not only consistently opposed attacks on abortion and birth control throughout his political career, but has been an outspoken, affirmative champion for expanding access to the services women need to make the reproductive decisions that are right for themselves and their families."

The press release also noted that it gave Northam a 100 percent score on its legislative scorecard for all six years Northam was a state senator.