Tucker Carlson Stumps ‘Not My President’s Day’ Anti-Trump Protester


• February 21, 2017 1:25 pm


A gay anti-Donald Trump protester on Monday night was unable to give Fox News host Tucker Carlson a reason why the LGBT community should be worried about President Trump.

Carlson asked Shane Saunders, who participated in one of the nationwide "Not My President's Day" rallies, what the impact of the protests will be.

"It's getting to Trump I would say so as well," Saunders responded. "We see he's getting frazzled by the media, and I think they are definitely making an impact."

A graphic on screen during the telecast had identified Saunders as a protest organizer, but he is a Los Angeles-based actor who was only a participant in the rallies, the Daily Beast reported. Fox News issued a statement to the Daily Beast acknowledging the error.

Carlson had originally tried to book the creator and co-organizer of the protests, Olga Lexell, according to the Daily Beast, but was unable to do so and instead interviewed Saunders, who reportedly had no role in organizing the demonstrations.

Carlson told Saunders during their conversation that he does not recall Trump being against LGBT rights, and asked Saunders to elaborate on that point.

"I'm not aware Trump is on a different side from you on any of those issues. What do you mean exactly?" the Fox host asked.

Saunders shifted from the question and focused on the negative effects of Trump's executive orders. Carlson said he understood the point but asked again his original question.

"What are you worried about as a gay man? What is Trump going to do to you as a gay man?" Carlson asked.

Saunders went on to discuss the protests but did not answer Carlson's question. Carlson then told Saunders that Trump is keeping the protections of gay workers in place and asked his question once more. Saunders instead discussed Vice President Mike Pence and said he believes the former Indiana governor is actually running the White House.

"Honestly I feel like Trump isn't the president either and it's very well known," Saunders said.

Carlson then asked Saunders why he is protesting Trump if Pence is the one who he disagrees with, to which Saunders accused Carlson of "twisting" his words.

Carlson tried to ask his original question once more but did not get a direct answer.

"It's well known that there was potential legislation out there, there was a leaked report that was covered by the media. There was a potential executive order, Tucker," Saunders said.

Saunders said they should talk about the President's Day protests and not focus on him because he is a gay man.

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